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Curious Objects

November 7, 2009

Polish documentary photographer Andrzej Kramarz spent two-and-a-half years photographing the captivating collections of objects he discovered at Hala Targowa in Krakow’s Grzegórzki. (a huge open-air  flea market that offers a truly astonishing range of goods including old weapons, furniture, silver, jewelery, junk, postcards and various other miscellaneous bits and pieces. )

“What reigns here is a world which has passed on: either not so long ago (communism) or a few decades earlier (the war, the inter war years).  It does not really matter where we place the border, beyond which we speak of “the past”, “antiquity”, or use terms such as “out of date”. What is important is that these items belong to a warm and tangible “today”. After all it’s not a CD: all these rubber dolls, corkscrews from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, relief carvings of “our” pope or Marshal Pilsudski, glass and crystal ware of varied authorship, all these things are emblematic of this world and the essence of its reality.”

Words by Darius Czaja from Rzeczy (Things)

Photographs by Andrzej Kramarz

Published by Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum

Via Lens Culture.


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