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My Thing: Neither old nor modern. Just good clothes.

November 16, 2009


bandapartMy style might not always be too adventurous but I like things that are classic and timeless. Classic styles are forever to me.  With the music, architecture, even movie posters and typography, every element in the old movies influenced me a lot when I was younger.  Here, Anna Karina’s character, Odile is wearing a simple crew neck sweater and tartan check pleated skirt. This outfit is so simple but I think it’s perfect. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t look old or modern. It’s simply just good clothes.

Bande à part (1964)

Above: Odile meets two guys, Franz and Arther in an English language class and they become friends.  Odile and Arthur decide to dance and Franz joins them as they perform a dance routine. Fabulous scene from the movie.

When I wear a sweater, I often do it like a college student. That’s just my thing. No fancy accessories needed. Maybe just with good shoes and not sneakers.

My colour choice for old fashioned cable knit sweaters is THIS.

7951a9956045cf37_landing(Dorothy McGuire)

Keep it simple. Good personality is all you need.

(Photos via LIFE)


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