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Bookmarked: Landmark Stay Trust

November 18, 2009

St Winifred’s Well (Woolston, near Oswestry, Shropshire)

East Banqueting House, Old Campden House (Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire)

I’ve found this great site called  The Landmark Trust and had to bookmark it immediately. I’m not planning a vacation in Britain anytime soon, but if  you are and want to stay in a property that is part of British history and culture, this is a great site to visit. Even just looking at the pictures of the historic buildings and the rooms inside makes me really excited.

The Landmark Trust is a British building preservation charity founded in 1965. It was established to rescue and restore historic and architecturally interesting buildings at risk and, when restored, to give them new life by renting them out as places to experience for holidays. (Listed are some of my favourites on my wish list.)

Their aim is to promote enjoyment of historic buildings by enabling as many people as possible to experience living in them for a short time. The letting income generated from holiday bookings then pays for the future maintenance of the buildings. As a charity, Landmark relies on voluntary sources of income to rescue more buildings and needs your support. (For further information, visit Supporting Landmark.)

Over 190 historic places can be found in England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands, accommodating from one to 16 people. There are also some in Italy and the USA. The majority are the ones in the UK, and you will discover follies, castles, towers, banqueting houses, cottages and many other fascinating old historic buildings that are easily from 100 to 500 years old..

Abby Gate house (Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire)

Calverley Old Hall (Calverley, West Yorkshire)

Margells (Branscombe, Devon)

Martello Tower (Aldeburgh, Suffolk)

The Old Hall (Croscombe, Somerset)

Woodsford Castle (Near Dorchester, Dorset)

You can find out about each building’s history, location and facilities, and view photographs and floor plans, and check availability and prices as well as making a reservation by email on their site. Or you can order a copy of the latest Landmark Trust Handbook, which is probably something I’d do simply for my curiosity as well.


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