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Good Bye 2009.

December 31, 2009

“It’s 2009!”. I said this millions of times this year.

“The modern technology should have all the answers to this. Come on, it’s 2009…” Veronika and I started saying this jokingly a lot at work in the early 2009 whenever we encountered some problems (usually small and silly, and mostly when the computer stuff got frustrating), but this phrase has become more like “it’s already 2009. Things should move much faster than this!” I was constantly searching for something, trying to reach somewhere eagerly and quickly. This year has just ended like a flash.

I made lots of mistakes and there were many embarrassing moments at work as well as in my personal life this year. I just shake my head, laugh at them, and I’m going to move on.

This year was about meeting a lot of great people for me. Some encouraged me, some inspired me, and some simply made me laugh. Also, I really enjoyed connecting with more people in the world through Lark About and I’m looking forward to meeting more (in person and on the internet) next year. I’m grateful for everyone who follows our blog and thank you for all your comments and the kind words.  Every word means a lot to me.

The volume of my interests and curiosities has quite expanded this year (thanks to all the brilliant blogs out there). I’m working on a lot of projects and Lark About will have new changes in the near future. I’m happy and excited to share more things that inspire us every day here in 2010.

I’d also like to thank every member at Lark About and Lark for their great effort and hard work. Thanks for putting up with me and giving me so much freedom for my absolute selfishness.

Have a fantastic New Year and  hope 2010 brings you lots of happiness.

– Natsumi

“I can’t believe it’s already about to be the year 2010. It feels like science fiction. When I think back on 2009 I can barely remember it because it was so busy, I had a lot of things to take care of both professionally and personally. I went home to visit my family and friends in Toronto, which was great because all of the people there that I love have changed so much. Seeing that everyone is happy and doing better then ever was really good for my spirit and I can rest easy out here on the west coast knowing that they are all well.

Getting our little Ukranian mail order English Bulldog was a highlight. She is ridiculous, you just can’t take yourself seriously when you have a 45 pound bulldog snoring and drooling on you every night before bed.

This past year I feel as though I accomplished a lot, but forgot to celebrate those accomplishments. I also feel like our growth at Lark has been under-celebrated. We now have more staff, an online store, collaborations with our brands, and so many other great things. We have managed to complete goals and then have moved on to working on the next one without a pause. This year I plan to stop and enjoy more things that others have accomplished and that I have accomplished. 2010 is going to be the year of showing appreciation for everything and everyone.

Thank you for everyone who follows Lark About and has left comments, it’s been great to meet some of you and to share the things in life that make me happy via the internet. Lark About has evolved so much, and Natsumi gets the credit for that. She’s been fun to work with and has really taken it to a higher level. Domo Natsumi san! Although Dane doesn’t post here, his ideas have made several appearances. He is the motor that keeps us going both creatively and often with step by step plans on how to get things done. I can’t sign off without thanking the Baspaly’s. They are a loving family that never forget to celebrate our achievements.

I wish everyone a fantastic new year filled with good times and heaps of laughter”


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  1. Bernice permalink
    January 4, 2010 10:42 pm

    hey guys! i am taking a late lunch break and scrolling through one of my favourite blogs i “discovered” last year – lark about! hmm. i have been shopping at lark since the early days on 8th … my closet tells a story of a gal whose style has followed the evolution of lark. starting with the damsel in distress red flamenco gown, the kulpa knits and dresses… i cherish every purchase. thanks for creating such a special space and building a great community here. i look forward to all your pursuits in 2010… keep up the amazing work!

  2. January 7, 2010 12:01 am

    Thank you so much Bernice! We wont disappoint you in 2010. I’m really glad that you and Christian are a part of the community, and it was so nice to meet your sisters during the holidays.

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