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My Way: How to get rid of lint balls (Part 2)

December 24, 2009

After I made my old sweaters look brand new again in Part 1, my motivation moved on to the next item – a wool coat.

If you own a heavy wool coat such as a duffle coat or pea coat then you probably already know about the pain between the wool and lint. Some lint and tiny but stubborn lint balls started to look noticeable on my dark navy duffle coat lately, so here’s what I did.

Part 2: How to get rid of lint balls from a Wool Coat

What you need: (Basically the same as Part 1)

1: Lint Roller
2: Sweater stone (pumice stone)
3: Scissors (which you don’t need. They just look nice next to the sweater stone. That’s all. Tweezers will be useful.)
4: A bowl

Instructions: (Also see Part 1)

1: Lay the coat on a flat surface.

2: Before using the sweater stone (pumice stone), remove some loose lint with a lint roller.

Lint rollers are useful. These can be purchased at almost any store. You can find them at the dollar stores, retail stores, convenient stores, and even pet stores. What they are is sticky paper that is wrapped around a roller handle. You just expose the sticky part and roll it over your clothes. When the sticky part is no longer picking up and lint then you will have to rip that part off starting with a new sticky piece of paper.

(The white specks are the lint balls.)

3: Rub the sweater stone on the fabric and brush off the lint balls.

(Don’t forget to do the inside.)

4: Repeat brushing as often as necessary.

5: Use a lint roller again to catch the crumbly bits from the sweater stone. Roll it up and down on a coat until the sticky paper is covered with fuzz and lint.


FYI: Static guard spray will help reduce the lint.  You can spray on your coat and it will reduce the amount of static so that the lint doesn’t get on your coat so easily.  You can also rub a dryer static free sheet over your coat to try to help reduce the static.

(image via here)

I use this Dryer Sheets by The Laundress. These things work very well not only as the fabric conditioning but also as static solutions. They don’t contain carcinogenic ingredients like other grocery store brands. Made of paper; biodegradable and recyclable. They’re perfect to rub against your clothes to freshen them up and they make your clothes smell nice and clean as well.


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